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Matt Morris is a rock star and top earner in his network marketing company. In fact, Matt has been with his company so long, he is virtually the company face for them.

Matt’s training is probably some of the best out there and he is one of the few that has stuck with the trade rather than deviate towards consulting. Most other MLM leaders that train and teach the network marketing population sell their positions, but Matt has stuck true to the trade that has provided for him for so long. It’s extremely impressive. Most of Matt’s training focuses on the fundamentals of network marketing, with a strong emphasis on closing and recruiting. Coming up, Matt’s going to give us his explanation regarding why most people fail at network marketing. Listen to Matt.

For more from Matt Morris, search youtube and visit his website mattmorris.com. His book The Unemployed Millionaire is available at his website and/or amazon.com.

The Unemployed Millionaire: https://amzn.to/2YlN22S

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