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Top Niches for YouTube That May Just Surprise You!

When it comes to digital marketing, there are a few niches (subject matters) that rule above all others. These are undoubtedly fitness, making money and dating. And the reason for the popularity of these three topics is that they allow creators to speak to things that all of us need. We all want to be wealthier and we all want to find love/sex. Everyone needs to be healthy.

On YouTube, the same things holds true and these topics are still incredibly sought after and very lucrative.

But YouTube is a weird place and the usual rules of Internet marketing don’t always apply… which is why there are some rather surprising niches that don’t fit any of the same criteria but are still highly successful. For example…

Game Streaming

Game streaming is an incredibly easy niche to get into and especially if you’re a gamer/someone who enjoys computer games. You might need a fairly high-end PC in order to run the best games and record the screen at the same time but that is really the only requirement for this!

From there, there are a number of different types of content you can create on YouTube using game streaming that will find a surprisingly large audience. These include:

• ‘Let’s Plays’ – Videos where you play the game and comment on it at the same time
• ‘Walkthroughs’ – Videos where you help others to get past tricky parts of a game that they may be struggling with
• ‘Playthroughts’ – Videos where you play through the game but don’t narrate what you’re doing
• ‘Reviews’ – Reviews of different games


Reviews is not really one niche but rather a type of content that spans many different subjects.

What’s particularly interesting about reviews though is just how many niches get covered. For example, you can actually grow a very large audience by reviewing toys of various kinds! If you remember Transformers toys from your youth, then try typing in ‘Optimus Prime review’ and you’ll find there are plenty of videos of guys playing with their toys, transforming them and narrating the experience… who knew!


Fails are compilation videos of people falling over, crashing vehicles and generally making fools of themselves. If you can find fail videos that have no copyright, then you can create your own collages with no need to go in front of the camera yourself. ‘Wins’ are also very popular!


ASMR is a strange concept if you’re familiar with it. It stands for ‘Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response’ and it’s the sensation that certain people get when they hear things being rustled or people whispering. There are some people on YouTube with thousands of views and all they do is rustle newspaper!


Want to become a rock star but not sure you can get the attention of a record label? Why not create your own YouTube channel and build a following that way!

Makeup Tutorials

These are massive and are very simple for women. Of course you need to spend a little money on the makeup but once you’ve done that, it’s just a matter of showing people how you get ready for a night out!

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