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How to Make Content for YouTube Without Going Infront of the Camera!

YouTube is a very lucrative platform if you’re successful and can be very rewarding too. Getting feedback from thousands of viewers and being able to communicate directly with your audience is something that no other online business model can offer to quite the same extent.

But despite this, it’s still one of the less common ways to make money online discussed on marketing forums and the like. Why is that?

The answer is simple: a lot of people don’t feel comfortable going on front of the camera.

This might be because they have a thick accent. It might be because they aren’t conventionally attractive (not that this has stopped some YouTubers!) or it might be because they’re shy. And it sure doesn’t help that YouTube comments are famously harsh…

Whatever the case, stepping in front of the camera and being viewed by thousands of people is a big ask and it’s something that not everyone is going to be ready to do.

But here’s the good news: you don’t need to go in front of the camera to create a successful YouTube channel! In fact, there are plenty of types of content you can create that don’t require you to feature at all. And as it happens, these are often very popular and can help you to build just as big an audience.

Here are some examples…


One way to build a big audience without going in front of the camera is to make tutorial videos showing viewers various technology solutions. This might be a video showing people how to get better performance from their PC, a PhotoShop tutorial etc. Either way, you can create the footage simply by using screen capture software and then just narrating over the top!


There is a wide range of gaming-related content that you can make with no need to go in front of the camera. A ‘Let’s Play’ for example is a video that features you speaking over the top of yourself playing to narrate the experience. Meanwhile, you can also make walkthroughs, playthroughs and more – all without ever going in front of the camera!


It’s possible to make a number of ‘podcast’ style videos too that are only really spoken with no need for you to be on the screen. These can be interviews, opinion videos, comedy bits and more and all you need to hold the viewers’ attention is some kind of image that’s relevant to the topic you’re discussing.


If you want something more dynamic to hold the attention of your viewers while you’re talking, then you can simply make some kind of animation. There are plenty of options here from storyboard animations to whiteboard animations – and there are just as many tools out there to help you make them!


You can also create a number of videos using a montage/mashup approach. This might mean that you splice together various other videos or that you make your own supercuts.

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