– Are you tired of failing in direct sales/network marketing? Get all the marketing tools and leads you need inside this company. Click the link to take a free tour and learn more:

1. A company built from the perspective of a network marketer. CEO is an experienced network marketer who has built teams of up to 50,000 distributors in other companies. He brings all that experience to My Daily Choice.

2. Owners are hands on and very interactive with team members.

3. Best Compensation Plan Out there – My Daily Choice pays up to 85% in commissions. You get:

10 Levels of Jump Start Bonuses.

Binary Team Commissions where you get up to 20% match on Binary Legs.

Leadership Check Matching – This is truly powerful, will explain down below.

Global Bonus Pool – You get shares towards 2% of the total company revenue each month.

Bonuses: iPad giveaways up to $100,000 cash.

VIP Auto Club – Earn an allowance towards a new car.

Elite expense Account – MDC will pay you extra money on top of your regular commissions to handle your business expenses, for travel, hotel, meals on business trips, etc.

These are all exciting incentives to promote MDC as a home-based business owner, but what is really exciting is the “Leadership Check Matching.”

Depending on your company rank, you can get paid up to 30% (from monthly income) of anyone on your first level. For example: If you personally sponsor a person named Rita on your left leg who makes $10,000 a month from MDC, you get $3000 of that!

You can get paid from other leaders on your team, and you don’t need to match two legs to get this.

You qualify for Check Matching by simply meeting your personal volume requirements of either 50PV or 100PV.

4. Free Lead Capture Pages and Automated Email System.

All you have to do is promote your company-provided “lead capture pages” and get people to sign up to check out the business for free, and My Daily choice will start sending your prospects a series of emails encouraging your prospects to upgrade to paid members.

Not many people know how to do email marketing effectively, on top of setting up an email autoresponder. MDC has this covered for you so all you have to worry about is getting prospects checking out your business.


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