CBD oil and Severe Non-Verbal Autism with ADHD

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My 11 year old son Ryan has severe non-verbal autism with adhd. He has significant cognitive delays, tantrum behaviors, sensory processing issues, meltdowns and does not speak. We have an iPad with a voice output program for him to “speak” with but we often rely on gestures and sign.

Several months ago he had an epic autistic meltdown at our pediatricians office. And her immediate response was “let’s up his meds”. That just didn’t sit well with me. It felt like the textbook, “I have no idea so let’s try meds”, answer. So instead I went with my mom gut and weaned him OFF the meds and started researching CBD oil.

He’s now been on CBD oil for two weeks and we have seen significant improvements to his behaviors, engagement and eye contact. But that’s not the awesome part.

Yesterday I forgot his dose in the afternoon, he started melting down about putting goldfish in a bowl. So I said ok buddy, I’m going to 1. get a bowl for your goldfish then 2. get your CBD oil. He rapidly pointed to my second finger repeatedly. I said ok, you want your oil first? Nodding emphatically, yes! Well, ok then!

This my friends. A child who has struggled to communicate his basic needs found a way to let me know that CBD Oil was a priority, for HIM.

If I was ever doubtful, that is over. Not only do I see an difference, HE sees a difference. This makes him feel better. Special needs mamas will tell you that this is HUGE!

Thank you Hempworx.

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